In design, which do you think is more important — the positive space or the negative space?

Trick question. They’re both equally important. It’s the seamless integration and consideration of both positive and negative space that helps to create clever and thoughtful designs.

Logo designs in particular are a great medium to manipulate positive and negative space. Successful manipulation of positive and negative space can help create “hidden messages” that are not only memorable, but can help communicate multiple levels of information to the viewer.

Can you see all the “hidden” images in the designs below? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Logo design by Mogeek


2. Logo design by thonto08


3. Logo design by :: scott ::


4. Logo design by stevanga


5. Logo design by peper pascual

peper pascual

6. Logo design by Ricky Asamanis*

Ricky Asamanis*

7. Logo design by Terry Bogard

Terry Bogard

8. Logo design by sony


9. Logo design by scribe


10. Logo design by pixelmatters


How many “hidden messages” did you identify?