My designer made the best logo I've seen. I've had a few dozen and this was the best. I'm not talking him/her up, just to be nice. This persons work was truly remarkable. It is not minimalist, it is colorful, eye catching and precisely what my company has needed. The price was good and the time he (or she) has done it, is exceptionally fast. I am truly impressed, and I am NOT easily impressed. Very good, I will be referring business to you. I have other people who already want to work with this person after displaying our many works on facebook. This persons English is absolutely perfect too. The quality of the work is the same as I would expect to pay stateside, but fractionally lower. I AM IMPRESSED. This person was also VERY self motivated, did extra and needed little direction. This designer took it upon themself to look into my strange industry and do the homework to produce many quality things. I am going to send a lot more work to Linns, and other people in my industry. To all the other business owners, I highly and emphatically suggest you hire this designer for your needs.

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