Ass Clown - i.e. a donkey dressed up as a clown

Profiel afbeelding door G.A art.

First time trying 99 Designs and I'm happy to state that the experience was quite enjoyable. Not knowing exactly what to expect or what was expected I went into the contest a bit reserved.

That said, even with the small amount of guidance G.A. art knocked it out almost immediately. Following a few design tweaks I had my vision in form.

I like the Blind Contest as there were several different designs to choose from, some quite good, but it was G.A. art that won out. Easy to work with and understood the design aspect & challenges quite readily and very responsive. Thanks Gerardo!

I will use 99 Designs again for the following reasons: Great design talent, lots of design variety, easy, cheaper that hiring a full time graphics designer and it was fun!

Beoordeling door perry p
Nodig de designer uit voor werk