Create a bestselling e-Book and PoD for Book 1 of the Trilogy about the extraordinary ISABELLA

Ali has been a pleasure to work with, providing me with numerous options and a variety styles. His enthusiasm to produce the ultimate result, and willingness to experiment with suggestions and fine-tuning is infectious and has, I'm confident, given me what I consider to be a masterpiece of a marketing tool for the publication of Book 1 of my trilogy. A huge private poll of prospective readers gave his winning design an overwhelming thumbs up. I recommend Ali to anyone who is looking for someone who looks not only at the Brief, but beyond it. I also recommend anyone to go Platinum - it will be your best-ever investment to promote your thousands of hours of work. Platinum is one way to snare someone of Ali's talent to the table. Thank you so much Ali, I look forward to working with you again on Book 2. Kind regards, Rickard Isachsen

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