You can still win the "CRAMDOWN: Massacre" book cover contest by REVV Press

I recently held a design contest at to get a cover for my debut thriller, CRAMDOWN:MASSACRE. I was a bit hesitant about using crowdsourcing to design my first book's cover but after working with Alexandre Rito AKA "Portugal," I'm totally sold.

Alexandre was both professional and skilled. He worked through the process with me, making changes and tweaks quickly and accurately. He is a highly skilled designer and in my opinion I got a screaming deal working with him.

During the handover phase, Alexandre provided all of the files I asked for and explained their use to me wonderfully. After examining his layered Photoshop file it was clear to me that he is not only a talented artist and designer, but he is also a meticulous and very organized professional. The file was well labeled, well organized, and included everything that I needed to truly own my design.

I would highly recommend using Alexandre - "Portugal" for your next design. He is excellent!

Steve Windsor

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