New book or magazine cover wanted for K. Francis Ryan

There are designers and then there is Alexandre. The man is a wizard!

I started the contest with only a vague idea of what I wanted. Alexandre took my book blurb and the design brief and turned it into something that far exceeded my expectations.

Every design element was meticulously placed. The fonts were selected with the upmost care. The man took a few hastily scribbled words and turned them into a work of art. He captured the exact mood and texture of my book.

The few modifications I requested (because of my mistakes) were made quickly and ended up being exactly what I wanted when I was less than specific about the details.

He was quick to respond, meticulous and highly professional with all of his communications.

Anything built to serve two very different purposes, usually ends up doing neither very well. That’s what I believed before I saw Alexandre’s work.

He not only produced a stunning trade paperback book cover, but that same cover worked perfectly for the eBook. The images are clear and crisp and can be read easily either on a bookshelf or in an electronic thumbnail.

Everyone who has seen the cover has commented on how it transmits the exact feeling of the book.

In short, the cover he created tells the reader everything he or she needs to know about my novel.

As I said, Alexandre is a wizard. Trust him with your project and you will be delighted with the magic he will produce for you.

Beoordeling door K. Francis Ryan
Nodig de designer uit voor werk