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Creative strategist offering a sterling experience of 10 years in
delivering optimal results in high growth environments

Land: India. Lid sinds: 18 april 2012


"Excellent design capabilities, and very patient, responsive and customer focused with implementation of initial design to PPT template."
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"Jumma always does a great job. We have really enjoyed working with him and will continue to keep working with him."
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"We love working with Jumma! Keep up the great work!"
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"Jumma is a very professional designer that we truly enjoy working with. He understands our project and does a great job of giving us designs that showcase our site. He just does good work."
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"It has been a true pleasure working with Jumma. We have other projects he is working on now and we hope to keep him working for a long time. He is a professional and also very polite. I think he has a very attractive style and we are super happy for him..."
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"Jumma is a very respectful and polite person with a ton of talent. I enjoy working with him and really appreciate his calm manner. He does a great job and we are lucky that he is helping to make us look better. You will be very happy if he enters your c..."
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"Jumma did great on our project, we didnt even need for him to redo any of the assigned pages"
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"Jumma is a great designer. He won our contest we have continued to work with him in 1 on 1 projects"
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"Jumma786 is very professional and responsive. The execution of the work and delivery of the files was fantastic! I see a long future in design for this graphic artist."
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