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Greek T-shirt design

Paris Platanias had een nieuw T-shirt ontwerp nodig en lanceerde daarom een wedstrijd op 99designs.

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I'm a Greek entrepreneur trying to show some great aspects of ancient Greek culture in an ordinary way as a t shirt is. I believe that we are wearing most of the time defines us and express our personality and world. Many cultures succeeded in this , like Japanese did, with Zen style minimal t shirts . But Ancient Greek civilization is trying to find a form and a style to show it's art in the paintings , sculptures , mosaics ,designs in a t shirt . It is a challenge!

Vertel ons iets meer over jezelf en de mensen die je bereikt

Men and women 25 to 50
Well Educated
Good economical status
With great respect and love for everything Hellenic .
Eco friendly and conscious about nature and organic products


What we are trying to achieve in a sentence:

A t-shirt inspired from ancient Greek Civilization and Culture that has the quality and style of Ed Hardy's http://edhardyshop.com/

The design will have as a main theme POWER with sub themes BEAUTY , HEROISM , FATE and the daily battle in between them using Humans.

Greek mythology is amazing, so you must design an equally amazingly wicked Graphic T Shirt Design to showcase this ancient Religion and culture.
The design can be all over the t shirt and that is preferable but not a strict rule.

We included some photos so you can take patterns , extract designs and specific segments and alter them as you wish.

We appreciate Minimal ( like Japanese t shirt designs)
or Baroque and heavy of things
we don't appreciate neutral and designs that don't have something , an effect that the viewer will try to look deeper and ask the man on the road ..hey where did you get this...nice t shirt...

Not flashy but with class

In the attachments i have to files with inspirational photos of ancient Greek art and 2 books with brief Greek myths for everyone who wants to dig deeper

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