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The World Is Your Campus Shirt

LOC had een nieuw T-shirt ontwerp nodig en lanceerde daarom een wedstrijd op 99designs.

Een winnaar werd gekozen uit96 ontwerpen ingezonden door29 freelance designers.


Hoe LOC hun t-shirt begonnen


We're looking for someone to design a cool, minimalist t-shirt design incorporating our eye logo and the tag line, "The World Is Your Campus" - Check out http://www.liveoncampus.com to see more about us.


Live on Campus - http://www.liveoncampus.com

Wat inspireert je en hoe stel je je het ontwerp van jouw onderneming voor?

We want to design a shirt which college students who work for us would wear and others might buy. Our reps on campus get students involved in creating media projects specific to their campus.

I started this project/company nearly over 15 years ago as a sophomore in college and have continued ever since - We have now expanded to India and are releasing these shirts there as part of a new project we are launching - So hopefully, ton of students in India will be proudly wearing your designs.

This is also just the start of our apparel launch - We intend to build out a more complete line for each of our media properties as well as an on-line clothing store for students, so I'm looking to develop longer term relationships with talented designers who can help us in the future.

Thank you for your time and effort in consideration of our project - Your contribution, even if we don't select it, really means a lot to me and is a part of helping to fulfill a lifelong dream of helping empower students through media, technology, and entertainment.



We're looking for a very clean, minimalist and youth oriented design incorporating the whole shirt. We want our own branding (either the name Live on Campus or the url liveoncampus.com) to be very subtle - We've even toyed with not having it on their at all and having our eye logo be the most prominent element which sparks a conversation or explanation from the person wearing the shirt.

Either of the following slogans are ok - "The World is Your Campus" or "You Will Never See Your Campus The Same Way Again"

Lastly, you can download our logo at: http://homepage.mac.com/WebObjects/…ring2.html

Wat je niet wil

Cluttered or busy design.

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US$ 250

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