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Tableless CSS website required good code some graphical work

affordable had een nieuw gecodeerde website ontwerp nodig en lanceerde daarom een wedstrijd op 99designs.

Een winnaar werd gekozen uit14 ontwerpen ingezonden door5 freelance designers.


Hoe affordable hun webdesign (gecodeerd) begonnen


Prize amount is $400 - extra $200 bonus paid if / delivered promptly in correct file formats etc / code good / ease of entering data afterwards good - bonus will be paid once full site passed to us and we have edited / uploaded and have site fully operational

We basically need to freshen up our existing site and make it look more professional and have it coded better for SEO optimisation.

We require a good well structured shell from which we will add text / odd images and tweak site for SEO.

1. To be Tableless CSS 12 page site ( NOTE : all pages are same as main page - so duplication of pages should be relatively fast process hence all 12 pages required – ie full working


affordablemortgage logo avail on site or via pm

Wat inspireert je en hoe stel je je het ontwerp van jouw onderneming voor?

Desired Color Scheme:
Green / Blue as per spec

Desired Style:
clean, 'Glassy' look and feel to some items

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff); html & css

Website spec;

The brief is quite specific which should aid understanding of what is required.  We basically need to freshen up our existing site and make it look more professional and have it coded better for SEO optimisation.

Existing site is  http://www.affordablemortgages.co.uk from where you can see current layout and access logo file etc

We require a good well structured shell from which we will add text / odd images and tweak site for SEO.

1.      To be Tableless CSS 12 page site ( NOTE : all pages are same as main page  - so duplication of pages should be relatively fast process  hence all 12 pages required – ie full working site

2.       To be use styles / good code structure / SEO friendly / wc3 complaint

a.       To have all std meta tags in head section of code

3.       To be capable of being edited by  expression web html software

4.       Colour scheme  green / blue /  with Black text

a.       Green = as per green in logo  - see current site

b.      Blue = #330066  or darker if felt better / advised to make white /green text standout in enq form etc

5.       Overall clean  ‘Glassy’ look and feel  

6.       Pref to turn background of page OUTSIDE of the website page into Green background to make page stand out more

7.       Basic layout of page ( all pages same Layout );

a.       Header

b.      Nav Bar 1

c.       Nav Bar 2

d.      Body Text section split in 65 / 35 ratio  (to house on RH side an formto email enquiry form )  ( see existing site http://www.affordablemortgages.co.uk)

e.      Green ‘Glassy’ look’ divider bar between body and footer

f.        Footer in 3 parts;

                                                               i.       simple links in blue underlined text 5 links across bottom

                                                             ii.      Footer image  to be width of page  - containing all FSA warnings / status blurb from current site )

                                                            iii.      Further simple links x 5 across bottom

8.       Header  - which is to have;

                                                               i.      Company logo,  ( on existing site)

                                                             ii.      central ‘happy family’ image ( on existing site)

                                                            iii.      Tel No image to be created ( to be rotating banner image saying,  ‘ line 1 = Call us  24 / 7   line 2 = 0844 800 2789’ ‘  changes to ‘ Line 1 =  Friendly help & Advice  Line 2 = 0844 800 2789’  - to have a glassy button look and feel to it pref in blue with green / white text

                                                           iv.      One line of text space under images  with H1 text saying  ‘IVA Mortgage ‘ ( to be able to change it on each page to reflect page accessed

9.       Nav bars – 2 bars  with 6 items on each ( ie total of 12 pages)

a.       Tab format ( not drop down )

b.      Pref not require active x code to be enabled to see rollover effects

c.       to be green with Blue text –

d.      when hovered over background to turn to blue and text to green –

e.      page accessed to stay that colour on Tab  to clearly show user where they are

f.        Top Nav Bar =  Home, IVA Mortgage, IVA Remortgage, Bad Credit mortgage, Mortgage Arrears, Self Cert Mortgage.

g.       Bottom Nav bar = Self employed Mortgage, Commercial Mortgage, Commercial Remortgage, Secured Loans,  Mortgage Advisors, Why Trust Us?


10.   Enquiry form

a.       Glassy look  Blue background,   ( this may need to be an image file with text / enquiry form overlaid onto it. 

b.      Green text for headline  / white text for all desc items, white fill in boxes

c.       Glassy green Submit button at bottom of form

d.      must be capable of being changed on each page to reflect topic being viewed  ie reshuffle drop down box items so that key term for that page is first/ page sent from etc

e.      Must mail through to email address  all fields nust have desc tag  eg  Mortgage Value =  xxxxx

11.   Body section

a.       To have 1 x H1 tag at start of text section

b.      To have a bullet list of 3 items all H2 tags midway in page text

c.       To have layout / space for an image in body text – see existing website

d.      To have an H3 tag at end of body text

12.   Footer section image;

a.       To house all current FSA status / warning text in green background with black or blue  text

13.   Folder structure  to make use of folders to contain ( 12 webpages to show in main);

a.       Styles

b.      Images

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US$ 400

Gratis features

  • Open wedstrijd
  • Fast-tracked

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