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Website Design for Brand New Site ($400 Guaranteed)

MOB had een nieuw webpagina ontwerp nodig en lanceerde daarom een wedstrijd op 99designs.

Een winnaar werd gekozen uit32 ontwerpen ingezonden door12 freelance designers.


Hoe MOB hun webdesign begonnen


We need you to design 1 page and a simple logo and also ideally code the page in html and put it live.

1) Website Page (Long scrolling sales letter)
2) Logo

This page will:
1) Introduce people to the online conference and drive people to register

2) Build trust and credibility for a new brand and reinforce the position as an authority in the space

The logo will be used on letterhead, emails, banners and on the web site, so needs to work as a standalone as well as being integrated into the website header.


I'm extending this contest, to allow more folks to participate. We thought by setting a 3 day contest, it would be 3 business days, so I apologize for that, and would like to invite more folks to participate.

Also, I'm sorry if the brief wasn't explicit enough. We would like this site to utilize very strong primary colors, (like in the Google logo) with a very simple white background. Pale blues, shaded reds and greys aren't going to cut it here.

Check out http://www.roirevolution.com, for my best example.



Wat inspireert je en hoe stel je je het ontwerp van jouw onderneming voor?


AdWordsAdvantage is a brand new online conference focused on providing AdWordsadvertisers with tips, tricks and strategies they need to maximize their AdWordsROI and beat their competition.

Project Overview:

The AdWords Advantage site is designedto attract registrants for the online conference. Potential customers aredriven to the website by email promotions, advertising, and word-of-mouth orviral marketing. The site serves as the primary resource for the world’s mostcomprehensive AdWords training information.

The AdWordsAdvantage conference provides information on how to use Google AdWords to bettermarket products/services and expand customer reach through greater onlineexposure.

People arecoming to learn and take away tips that will help them get better results thantheir competitors.

As there area plethora of digital media events competing in the same space – the newwebsite should differentiate the AdWords Advantage conference as a one-stopshop covering the most valuable resources in Google AdWords education. We willprovide more in depth knowledge than any other Internet Marketing Conference ortraining venue, and it will be conveniently available online, so international participantscan attend live or view/download the sessions at a time of their choice.

Primary Audience:

Google AdWordsAdvertisers

Tone and Image:

Business-like,modern, professional, memorable, credible. Appealing to interest in learningand succeeding at work. Create a sense of urgency, need to act now because youmay be losing money every day by not perfecting your AdWords campaigns. It alsoneeds to give the air of authority in AdWords Advertising, which is aspecialized field.

There aremany professed “AdWords Experts” out there, most of whom have little experienceor grounding in how search engines actually work, or how AdWords Advertisingcan truly give marketers a competitive advantage. The trainers at the AdWordsAdvantage conference are not affiliate marketers trying to push their productor get rich by selling hokey techniques used to game the search engines. Theseexperts have run hundreds of AdWords campaigns, with thousands of keywordsinvolved and have tested every strategy available to advertisers. The contentwill be entirely educational, focused on helping advertisers build and optimizea successful AdWords campaign. No sales pitches or “get rich quick”information.

The values ofthe business can be summarized as:

Integrity,Comprehensive Resource, Quality Information, Trust, Confidence, Expert Real-WorldAdvice and Best Practices, Global, Community Oriented, Trusted, KnowledgeExchange, Strategic Partner, Convenient, Easy to Implement. The design of allcreative needs to express these values.

 The tone should be friendly and inviting, aswell as professional, inspiring and credible.

Home Page:

A home pageis needed that clarifies the value proposition in very simple terms and isintriguing enough to get the prospect engaged. The prospect will scroll down thepage to get more information and register. The header graphic will also be usedon letterhead and in email templates. Many call sot action will be used – it’sa typical sales letter.


The logoneeds to be clean and simple, using the colors from the Google home page at http://www.google.com.Advantage is the strong word in the logo, as we are designing the content of theevent to give advertisers who attend an “Advantage” over their competition.

Sites we like:

Here are afew examples of designs we like, just to give you a sense of style preferences.Please don't copy their designs or anything specific from these sites. 







- Page Width: optimizedfor 770 pixels but with a liquid layout that works at anything from 620 - 1024pixels
- Graphics: Please create a graphic header that fitswith the tone. Picture of people are good, either stylized images or photos. Please try to keep the graphic filesizes as small as possible.  We need the finished page to load quickly.
- Color Theme: Pleaseuse a color theme that incorporates the Google logo colors, located at http://www.google.com.Do NOT copy the Google logo but be creative with it. All body text shouldbe black on a white background to make it easy to read.
- Font:Large font for headers.  Use of system fonts (e.g. Arial, Helvetica) forheadings and menu items, so we can do text based rather than graphic based forSEO and CMS purposes. All body text should be a 12-pt sans serif font that iseasy to read on the internet, available in any browser.  All text,including links and headings, should not be images.
- Format:Site needs to work in Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox as our audienceuses all three.
- Easyto navigate: a lot of information will be on the site so it needs to be easy tofind and use.
- Image:Needs to portray a professional, credible association, but not a stuffycorporate image.
- Keepit original, simple and clean, with lots of white space.
- Logoin top left, but leave room for a video model spokesperson.
- Speakerinfo on right and also testimonials, like White Paper Summit (see link above).
- Bottomnavigation (text links) same on every page:  FAQ, Site Map, Privacy 

Wat je niet wil

- DoNOT copy someone else’s design or template, we’ll immediately eliminate you
- NoFlash
- Notbusy or cluttered
- Nodesigns that look good as flat images, but are a nightmare to code
- Nocartoons, or childish looks
- Noframes
- Amateurish
- Restrictivelayout.  Design needs to be able to maintain integrity as there will be a lotof text
- Lackof clean detail
- Nopredominantly dark backgrounds.

Aangepast pakket

US$ 479

Gratis features

  • Open wedstrijd
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