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Website for New Green Energy Jobs and Education/Training Company

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My Energy Matters


We’re a new Green Energy Jobs and Green Energy Education/Training company. We are initially offering Government Agencies in the field of Weatherization the opportunity to advertise their new job openings on our website. In addition to that, we will have opportunities to advertise courses for learning new skills in the field of Green Energy. What will make us different from other job board companies is our ability to link the experience of looking for Green Energy Jobs with the acquisition of new knowledge and skills to make workers better educated, and more skilled in their respective Green Energy jobs. Our company is looking for a brand new website to be designed that will encompass our identity of being the premier Green Energy Jobs and Green Energy Education/Training web portal.

We would like a website homepage, and blog page designed, which will serve as the user interface for our brand new Green Energy jobs and Education/Training website. These designs will be eventually integrated with a third-party software system called SmartJobBoard (http://www.smartjobboard.com).

Vertel ons iets meer over jezelf en de mensen die je bereikt

Various Government Agencies throughout the United States that are looking to advertise their Green Energy job opportunities to a large audience. Additionally we will have opportunities to advertise courses for existing or new Green Energy employees that are interested learning new skills in the field of Green Energy.

What is of the upmost importance to us is having a clean look and feel in the design that adheres to the color scheme used in our logo (see the attached logo file). The website layout colors should specifically adhere to the green and blue color palette indicated in the logo design brief (see attached file .pdf).


We have a mock/design (see the attached .jpg file) to indicate where some web elements (drop-down boxes, input fields, etc) will eventually be placed during the coding phase of the project, and are looking for a designer that can further expand this mock-up into brand new usable design.

Please disregard the Weatherization Works in America logo at the top of the mock design, and focus all design efforts on integrating the attached My Energy Matters logo into your new design. So, to make this clear, we DO NOT want a duplication of the mock-design that we have provided. Instead, we would like a new interpretation of this “content”.

One way to look at the mock design is as our “OLD WEBSITE”. We don’t want the old website anymore, we want a BRAND NEW site design. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The final design should consist of a layered .psd file that will allow our team to create the appropriate web slices for creating any background images necessary to implement the design. In addition, a final production brief with color swatches indicating the color palette selections would be appreciated as well.

Aantal Pagina's



Homepage: One feature of our homepage will be placing a rotating video series in the main left content area. Below the video area, we could like to have a blogroll, where the five latest/newest entries show up. Also, with our homepage design, we would like the designer to be aware of our need to place advertisements on the right sidebar and at the bottom of the homepage above the footer. We also want to have facebook, twitter, and Linkedin icons for linking to our social network destinations. Please refer to the example websites that we have listed below for ideas.

Blog page: We really like the way this blog page has been designed (http://www.salesprorecruitment.co.uk/blog/) and want to have our page modeled after this design/layout. However, we would really like for the designer to have the ability to express creative freedom, so we are open to new ideas that are within reason. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask.

Navigation: The main top level navigation for the site should consist of the following:

About Us
Find a Job
Post a Job
Post a Resume
Search Resumes
Post Products
Search Products
Contact Us

Bestaande website

Please see the attached website mock/wire frame as a representation of what our current website "would" look like. This is only provided for the purpose of showing website elements such as text boxes, check boxes, etc. We want to stress that we DO NOT want our NEW web design to resemble this design at all. Please be creative in providing an ENTIRELY NEW look and feel in your designs.

Voorbeeld Websites

http://www.cleantechrecruits.com/ - We really like how this site specifically identifies each individual user group, Job Seekers, Employers, and Recruiters. With our mock site, we have identified our individual groups as Agencies, Job Seekers, Contractors, and Suppliers, and want to make sure this comes through in your design(s)

http://www.everysapjob.com/ - In this site, we really like the way the three text boxes are included at the top section in the yellow box, and want to have something similar to this, but with our own twist to it. We will leave that for he designers interpretation. Our mock includes the appropriate web elements that we require.

http://www.pinksrecruitment.com/ - we like the three-part separation in this site. Logo, navigation, and additional links up top, search functions in the middle, content at the bottom.

http://www.salesprorecruitment.co.uk/ - there are two specific things we like about this site: how the video is placed in a very low profile position on the homepage, and we like the design of the blog page. Any questions about this please feel free to ask.

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