It’s back! And true to form, this year's nominees produced some of the most unique and memorable designs we’ve ever seen. Designs that pushed traditional boundaries and transformed brands from the expected to the delightfully unexpected. Take a look at how our global community left a lasting impression on the year we'll never forget.

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Key dates

Entry deadline
Nominees announced
Jury panel announced
Winners announced
15 January 2021
1 March 2021
1 March 2021
17 March 2021

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And the winners are...

coric design

Best Branding Design


Best Digital Design


Best Illustration Design

Julia Cherednichenko

Best New Designer

Letters Pray

Best New Top Level Designer

Agi Amri

Best Packaging Design

Zombijana Bones

Best Print Design


Best Use of Typography

Meet the jury

Eros Torre
Founder & Editor In Chief of On Packaging

Eros Torre is the founder of On Packaging, a community of designers and creatives engaged in the debate on aesthetic, functional and environmental issues related to packaging design. Torre believes in a world where evolution is not driven only by technological progress, but where the future is designed by philosophers, artists and designers.

Graduated in International Relations, he has been working for over ten years in television production, copyright consultancy and digital communication. Passionate about images and their influence on people, in his free time he attends movie theaters, galleries and museums. And supermarkets, of course.

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Meet Eros
Julia Masalska
Designer & Educator

Julia Masalska is a branding designer and design educator. Her design work is shaped by thoughtful concepts and a multi-disciplinary approach. Julia has worked for brands like Panda Express, Jameson Whiskey and Adobe.

In addition to her design career, she works on design tool innovation and the education of career transitioning or self-learning individuals. She is passionate about design technology, dogs and coffee. In her free time you can find her on her Instagram page or on her YouTube channel.

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Meet Julia
Steven Gianakouros
Vice President of Design, Vistaprint

Steven Gianakouros recently joined Vistaprint as Vice President of Design to help bring good design to millions of small businesses around the world. Prior to that, he led brand, product design and creative strategy initiatives for Netflix. He has over 20 years of experience building simple, clean and measurably effective experiences for some of the biggest financial, retail and entertainment companies in the world. When not building teams or brands, he can be found in the garage making a mess with his young children.

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Meet Steven
Vratislav Pecka
Designer & Founder of PosterLad

Vratislav Pecka was born in Prague in 1988. He studied video editing and animation before discovering graphic design was his true passion. He has over a decade of experience as a freelancer, during which he co-founded a design studio alongside his sister and launched his award-winning PosterLad project. Vratislav now lives in Amsterdam with his wife where he continues to collect inspiration for his posters and prints.

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Meet Vratislav
Carmi Grau
Lettering Artist & Illustrator

Carmi Grau is an illustrator and lettering artist based in Berlin. Passionate about drawing since childhood, she is inspired by the beauty of nature. She creates bold visuals using her own vocabulary of colors, shapes, illustrations and letterforms to evoke emotion and meaning.

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Meet Carmi
Nastya Kuliabina
Designer & Illustrator

Nastya Kuliabina is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator from Ukraine, now based in sunny Barcelona. She received her degree in Product Design at IED Barcelona. Her designs have been exhibited at Dubai Design Week, CERN in Switzerland, BreadWay expo in Italy and Barcelona Design Market, among others.

Now, Nastya is a freelance designer specializing in visual communication and illustration. Her favorite design tools are her iPad, Procreate and Affinity Designer, and she shares her drawing process on social media in order to educate and empower creatives and future digital artists.

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Meet Nastya

2021 awards


Best Branding Design

This year's collection of top-notch brand designs know exactly how to leave an impression.


Best Digital Design

These digital designs strike a balance between form and function, capturing your attention with a dash of minimalism and thoughtful colors.


Best Illustration Design

From kids' book illustrations to a psychedelic universe, check out the masterful creativity behind this year's nominees.


Best New Designer

We want you to vote for the nominee who has the freshest creativity and one-of-a-kind style!


Best New Top Level Designer

We want you to vote for the all-star who stepped up their game and rose to the top!


Best Packaging Design

Whatever the product, our top-shelf packaging designers know exactly how to think outside the box.


Best Print Design

From picturesque postcards to beautiful book covers, these print designs do it right.


Best Use of Typography

What happens when you mix the craft of hand-lettering with dazzling, digital typography?


The 99d Showcase

Our global design community brings custom, creativity to all businesses – including ours! Here are some of the designers who made our brand shine.

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