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I'm 23 years old, a graphic design graduate recently, i can say that i'm hyperactive, witty, cheerful, creative, proactive, self-taught, dreamy and genuine.

My designs incline to the minimalist style, geometric, abstract and in certain occasions I apply essence of the surrealistic artistic style.

In addition, I own a brand of male products called "Labrador Co."

Spanish / English / Portuguese

"The world is yours, so have fun taking advantage of."

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"- english translation below - Die Zusammenarbeit war sehr produktiv und hat zu einem durchweg befriedigendem Ergebnis geführt. english: The collaboration has been very productive and has led to a consistently satisfactory result."
Profiel afbeeldinginfow3U
"Very responsive and great in helping get the logo designed just the way I wanted it."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Labrador was professional and responsive from the very beginning. He wasn't afraid to let us know if he felt there was a better idea than the one we had asked for. At the same time, he was very accommodating when we had made a decision. Thank you, Labra..."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Awesome work! Very good creativity!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Fantastic to work with. Understood vision, made numerous minor tweaks to the design without any complaint, and just a pleasure to work with! "
Profiel afbeeldingAlexis Media Company
"Great designer, very reactive, very professional... and of course, very creative..try to think "outside the box"..and never give up :-)"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Great work. Captured my brand identity from the get go!"
Profiel afbeeldingrklinck
"Amazing design, logo, and responsiveness. Very professional. Thank you"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Labrador was incredible, going above and beyond to make sure the design met our specifications. Also provided multiple versions of the design to suit different needs that we had. Very impressed and highly recommended!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Design was clean and elegant, right on the brief, yet took some risks with color that surprised us. Well done!"
Profiel afbeeldingspepeK
"Great job! It was a pleasure to work with this designer. Thank you so much!!!"
Profiel afbeeldingselin.lefkeli
"Always answered very quickly to all of our requests. Was able to come up with very different and creative designs to try and find the best match for us. "
Profiel afbeeldingmathieu.lafabrie
"Hit nearly a home run right out of the gate. Was very easy to work with and did a better job than I expected. I would totally work with him again."
Profiel afbeeldingbryanj3
"Loved working with Labrador CO. Although we did not speak, I can sense patience via email. Appears really open to helping develop the right design and came back quick with changes. "
Anonieme opdrachtgever