99designs community contest: Help brand the New Orleans Pelicans!!
logo for Poison Spider Bicycles
logo for hoops devil
Logo for Deep Draft Brewing
Mindful Brewing Co.
Open screenplay
Magical Jaguar
Pale Horse
horn logo
Monster logo
WiseApp Inc. logo concept


You need a good logo - I'm always ready to work!
I don't play in games and I'm not interested anymore in contests!!!
Do not waste your time on invitation. If you are really determined to get a professional logo and not amateurish forgery stolen somewhere - mail me.

If you really like my style don't hesitate to invite me to 1-to-1 Project.
We can always agree a price.


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"Great work by Sergey and strong communication. Would highly recommend"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Great job! Original, creative, talented!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Great Job. Very responsive."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Nagual is very talented, and understood what I was looking for even though it was hard for me to describe it in words. S/he has an exceptional attention to detail and produced a very professional looking logo for my company that I am more than pleased ..."
Profiel afbeeldinghighgearengineer
"Was very happy with the logo design and look forward to using it very soon, I am posting another contest soon"
Profiel afbeeldingSales78
"Nagual's style and approach are unmatched. A highly-accomplished designer, Nagual proved extremely responsive and had the uncanny skill to quite literally transform the ideas and concepts floating in my head into living, breathing art. Too, Nagual wen..."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"EXCELLENT design talent and work ethic going the extra mile on presentation! We love our new logo and he was VERY responsive to changes. "
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Nagual has Great work ethic, and professionalism. Its Easy to work with him, he understands what you are looking for, and will help develop the ideas faster and better. "
Profiel afbeeldingLuckydevil.intl
"Nagual was very creative and responsive to my many requests. Very happy with the end result and would definitely recommend him to others."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Has good ideas, and great turnaround time after feedback. He's also easy to communicate with and understands easily what are the requirements. Designs are polished and presented in interesting way, so that possible applications are visible and easy to r..."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Fantastic Design! Stuck to the brief from the very beginning yet was original and creative -- like he read our minds! Refined and made finishing touches magnificently!"
Profiel afbeeldingSeymour.sweet
"Really great designer to work with. Brings a lot of creativity to the table and communicates very well. I'm looking forward to working with him on future projects."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Excellent design, read the brief and delivered exactly what I was after. Will use again without hesitation."
Profiel afbeeldingBen31217
"Fantastic work from start to finish, and admirable flexibility. A real asset to the community."
Profiel afbeeldingEvin