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First impressions matter. And this stunning lineup of logos and branding knows how to do it right. Look how lines, shapes, color, and typography combine to tell the perfect brand story.


I found Collective Humanity's organic-meets-modern aesthetic to be well thought out and cohesive, with a beautiful set of illustrative assets and a pleasing color palette. The muted photography and natural colors work in harmony, creating a solid look and feel. Though all of the finalists had a sense of polish and style, I found Collective Humanity's brand to embody its name the most. Well done to Svetlana and her brand, svart ink.

Photo of Ben VanderVeenBen VanderVeen

We love this minimalist take on tribal-inspired elements for Collective Humanity—a brand empowering women craft groups in Cambodia. Svart ink weaves a visual, feel-good story with her gorgeous work for this brand.

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