Create a compelling cover for a crime novel set in Milan, Italy
Washing the Bones: A Memoir
Help Kevin R. Anderson, M.D. with a new book or magazine cover
Create the next book or magazine cover for Lucid Poems
Paranormal Romance ebook Cover Needed for self-published author
Alena Gouveia needs a new book or magazine cover
Help Nina Edwards with a new book or magazine cover
Help Race Around Australia with a new book or magazine cover
Help Carolyn McCray, Author with a new book or magazine cover
Tongue-in-Cheek Poetry Book Cover
Help Landrum with a new book or magazine cover
New book or magazine cover wanted for AUTHOR’S NAME:  R.T. Bellknap         B E L L K N A P


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"Prospero took my concept and built something even more detailed and beautiful than I'd imagined. Truly an incredible artist!"
Profiel afbeeldingOkelberries
"Once again an amazing job by a wonderful artist. Thanks again!"
Profiel afbeeldingjohn JJ
"I think one of the hallmarks of a really good designer is that they will show you something you hadn't thought of, but that is perfect for your project, and that is what Propero did with his excellent design for the book covers. Prospero was extremely e..."
Profiel afbeeldingDoughertybooks
"Prospero design a book cover for me. Not only was I 100 percent satisfied with the quality of his design, but I was also 100 percent satisfied with the professionalism he demonstrated during the process. He made my requested changes quickly. He was very..."
Profiel afbeeldingwjcostello
"Propero was amazing to work with. He brought his own creative ideas and interpretations to the information that was provided. Prospero was always professional when dealing with edits and is willing to give you his honest input when a question was aske..."
Profiel afbeeldingWillows Edge Pub.
"Thank you Prospero for creating a stunning design that caught my eye from the moment it appeared on the screen. Prospero created a design that was relevant to the themes in my novel straight away. This will help readers identify what my novel is about i..."
Profiel afbeeldingElla Carey
"I dipped my toe into the world of book cover designs and was super fortunate to meet Prospero. He read my brief carefully, and was first to submit his ideas. He immediately blew me away, not only with his initial design, but with his attention to detail..."
Profiel afbeeldingpelletier97
"Excellent cover, and everyone I showed it to was beyond impressed. Not the nice kind of impressed either where people sort of like it but were just making comments to be nice. You could tell the design had an impact."
Profiel afbeeldinga_rosko
"Prospero was incredible to work with. His professionalism, attention to detail and keen eye for the aesthetic are unmatched. He was a dream to collaborate with, and he wove his own artistic judgement into the design needs to create a veritable work of a..."
Profiel afbeeldingjohn JJ
"Designer has great vision. Easy to deal with and good all around."
Profiel afbeeldinginfo ZN
"Giovanni caught the vision of my book cover from his very first submission and was incredibly responsive to the many tweaks I requested. Fantastically talented and a pleasure to work with!"
Profiel afbeeldingOkelberries
"Intelligent, helpful, good eye - a pleasure to work with."
Profiel afbeeldingJPR-USA
"An incredibly beautiful, creative and thoughtful rendering of my design brief. I got far more than I dreamed and exactly what I needed. The designer was very communicative and helpful and easy to work with. After I chose his design, I saw his website an..."
Profiel afbeeldingKate60640
"His submission arrived on the third day of the contest. When I saw it, I knew immediately that it had to be his design. Somehow he took my brief proposal and gave me more than I ever expected; a work of art. The cover, in its symbolic beauty, transcends..."
Profiel afbeeldingKray0819
"This was a fantastic transaction. Not only did _Prospero_ deliver the far-and-away winning design but also continued to make small adjustments when I realized there were mistakes with my design brief. Exceptional customer service. "
Profiel afbeeldingNathan8926
"Prospero is very gifted in creating elegant images that can cater to even a picky artist such as myself. He understand the elements of art very well and is easy to work with. I would definitely consider working with him in future projects. 5 stars"
Profiel afbeeldingNipu86
"_Prospero_ was a late entry in my contest, and clearly he took that time to put together a stunning cover! His questions were insightful and resulted in him capturing the exact feel that I was looking for. His communication with me was always prompt a..."
Profiel afbeeldingAlenag25
"Prospero was excellent to work with. He always got back to us quickly too!"
Profiel afbeeldingThe Dollar Code
"I was very pleased with every submission entered by Prospero. His first submission was #3 of 121 total submissions in the contest and it was nearly perfect from the start. He made a number of changes to meet my needs and he did so with an excellent att..."
Profiel afbeeldingBeau979
"With his very first draft, Prospero set himself apart from the rest of the designers. It took only a few more days until he created the perfect cover for my book. And after the contest ended, he was very accommodating when it came time to deliver the fi..."
Profiel afbeeldingLuckyyankee