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A young bunny-lover from Hungary who loves creating designs just as much as cakes.

Lid sinds: 25 november 2011
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"Dejka was both creative and very responsive to feedback. She did an especially good job of looking at the spec and responding with an appropriate look and feel with her icon"
Profiel afbeeldingElizabeth.mihas
"Dejka was such a hard working artist. She was very helpful in working through different ideas and suggestions, and very patient with all the changes that were made from start to finish. Highly recommended. Robin Bujnis"
Profiel afbeeldingHandsofmary
"Dejka's willingness to tweak and to try new ideas makes her wonderful to work with. And when you don't know what you want, she's always able to put forth lots of new ideas. If you are lucky enough to have her enter one of your contests, be sure to commu..."
Profiel afbeeldingBrian98230
"Unreal job!!! couldnt ask for more. she answered every question, was very attentive to my needs and performed an excellent design. could not have asked for a better outcome!!!!!"
Profiel afbeeldingSamershamieh