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Give me a laptop and a place to sit and I'm happy. In fact that pretty much summarizes how I spend every waking minute, and I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm a minimalist in all areas of life, I think simple is best and that is how I approach design as well. I have an analytical mind, and I like to consider all factors of one's business, not just make something "pretty". There is a lot more that goes into a design than what meets the eye.

Land: Verenigde Staten. Lid sinds: 28 juni 2012
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"After a long winter break- I pinged one of my favorite designers and had a nice bundle of artwork to play with in a few short hours. She's excellent. Clean and contemporary."
Profiel afbeeldingFull Suffrage
"She's fabulous. Consistent producer. "
Profiel afbeeldingFull Suffrage
"I always go back to MilaviDesigns. Consistent producer. Thanks for everything!"
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"Consistent producer."
Profiel afbeeldingFull Suffrage
"Last minute problem with my printer. No problem for MilaviDesigns! Thank you!"
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"Rush job that wasn’t fully thought out done with care and speed! "
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"Open to feedback. Friendly and funny. ;D We have worked together a few times. She always delivers."
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"Excellent communication. Open to try new things. Good sense of color and balance."
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"Consistent quality. Very professional."
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"She's fantastic. Double contest winner for me! I think we are ready for 1-1. Designer took the time to understand my style and repeatedly delivered with variations."
Profiel afbeeldingFull Suffrage
"Patient, very creative and responsive - thank you once again!"
Profiel afbeeldingSbrownell
"Unbelievable job, great eye, incredibly responsive, and an awesome name to boot!"
Profiel afbeeldingtjrW
"Beyond happy with my final design. I can not rave enough over how pleasurable my designer was to work with. She has a great eye and revised as I needed it and had my files sent as soon as the contest was over. My design is beautiful and so clever. Thank..."
Profiel afbeeldingSbrownell