OBJ - Ontario Blue Jays
Art Deco Plane logo
Dog and cat hads
Community Contest: Rebrand the Washington Redskins 
Contrive into life a defined Identity logo for producer Cap Slaps
Create B Real of Cypress Hill logo for Dr. Greenthumb!!
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'él joias' - a Jewelry Blog - Needs a Luxury Logo
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Create sports logo with a dog off its leash
Community Contest: Rebrand the Washington Redskins 


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"I had a great experience with this designer. I am starting up my business from scratch and he has designed my logo perfectly, exactly how I had imagined it. He has also perfected every tweak I asked for and he has finished my logo excellently. I could n..."
Profiel afbeeldingskaliwagsuk
"Mgeorge was fantastic with feedback and efficient with his turnover on design changes. Outstanding creative mind, created a unique and original logo. Was blown away with his talent. Definitely has a talent and others should also look into working with h..."
Profiel afbeeldingcapslaps
"Very good designer who is open to feedback and quickly incorporated my suggestions into his redesigns. "
Profiel afbeeldingPromotion Village
"Creative, prompt and easy to work with. Followed instructions perfectly as well as leading with creative ideas. "
Profiel afbeeldingMark9371
"Mgeorge did a phenomenal job. He was patient and worked with our feedback to provide us with a logo that was more than what we could have asked for. He has the skills and creativity to lead any competition. Good luck with your future designs, and thanks..."
Profiel afbeeldingNEIL@CMS
"mgeorge has given us a great, clear and original logo. He was immediately prepared to make changes when asked for them and created what was described in the brief!"
Profiel afbeeldingSenK
"Mgeorge was a great designer, working very closely to what I suggested, and with a very quick response time. If you want a totally dedicated designer, I highly recommend!"
Profiel afbeeldingTiagomgms
"Excellent Designer, response very fast, Very professional, did all the changes we needed and added his touch for a perfect product !"
Profiel afbeeldingHinbit Development
"Exceptional work. Creative. Quick on his feet. Listened to our feedback well."
Profiel afbeeldingNick - Unleashed