Comics strip for camping blog.
mascot design for TESY - leading European electrical technology company
Monster characters
Plush Dog Doll Illustration
Dog Characters
"World traveling child picture book"
Create a logo for a code school for kids.
Cartoon Character Series Required for Mom's New Website
Dee's Nuts  needs a new logo
Penguin Illustration needed for Childrens App
In search of Creative Artist for Children's Book


Animation, characters, storyboard, illustration, comics, logo and design ... In a nutshell - La vita è bella!

Lid sinds: 10 mei 2011


"Excellent designer, very professional and prompt."
Profiel afbeeldingAlphaKey Club
"MillyMax does excellent work!"
Profiel afbeeldingCnhin
"Excellent work! 5 stars as always. Milly is great!!"
Profiel afbeeldingCnhin
" Excellent Illustrator and great communication. Milly is very thorough and patient."
Profiel afbeeldingCnhin
"Great communication! Highly recommended designer! "
Profiel afbeeldingTESY Official
"A wonderful designer to work with. Fast, responsive, and dedicated to giving the client what they ask for."
Profiel afbeeldingandrealynnreynolds
"Excellent work, very nice and professional!"
Profiel afbeeldingtemp2media
"Excellent work. Extremly nice and quick contact."
Profiel afbeeldingtemp2media
"Great job, quick replies"
Profiel afbeeldingtemp2media
"My favourite designer in the world!! Milly is simply AMAZING! : )"
Profiel afbeeldingchentaichi
"Continued success with Milly. :)"
Profiel afbeeldingdavid e6
"Thanks for another great round of working together."
Profiel afbeeldingdavid e6
"Great artist with great energy plus the attention to detail you want to get the project done right. Professional."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Great job! She's an incredible artist and was very willing to make changes and offer her own suggestions."
Profiel afbeeldingjmeixner 7
"Milly is extremely professional, talented, and responsive. Her illustrations and animations are top-notch! I would not hesitate to hire her again."
Profiel afbeeldingjstepen
"Was a great pleasure work with MillyMax because she is very professional, works quickly and did all the modifications on time. The design that MillyMax did for us is beautiful and she understood exactly what the brief said. I hope we can work with Mil..."
Profiel afbeeldingGiroto
"Milly is awesome to work with! She listens very closely to feedback given and is very quick to respond. I expect to continue working with her on future projects."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Excellent work! MillyMax designed exactly what I wanted right off the bat. I'm impressed with her professionalism and talent. I will most likely use her services again and highly recommend her."
Profiel afbeeldingMonteiromedia
"Awesome designer! Really pleased with all the designs and the quality and communication from MillyMax. "
Profiel afbeeldingCEO of MoveDaddy
"MillyMax is the consummate design professional. She is creative, intelligent, dedicated, talented, insightful, conscientious, willing to please and patient. I would not hesitate to work with her again or recommend her highly enough. "
Profiel afbeeldingFelix Reb
"Very creative designs and good response to feedback. Hopeto work together again. :-)"
Profiel afbeeldingmaryme
"a designer with great vision"
Profiel afbeeldingSanta Calls LLC
"She is a great designer, and easy to work with. She met every request quickly and without issue. Best designer I have ever worked with! "
Profiel afbeeldingHowtotech
"MillyMax was wonderful to work with. She quickly responded to all of our requests. We highly recommend MillyMax as a top-notch, professional designer! "
Profiel afbeeldingWhite Bulldog Media
"MillyMax's logo design fulfilled my specifications to satisfaction. Thank-you to all who submitted entries. What a fun way of doing business! "
Profiel afbeeldingAnkoraway
"MillyMax did a great job creating the character and logo that I was searching for. I look forward to working with her on future projects. Thank you Milly!"
Profiel afbeeldingBradguthrie
"Absolutely brilliant and trouble free, with great communication. A business to do pleasure with!! AAA+++ "
Profiel afbeeldingTry.aaron
"Great job; Thanks for working on this."
Profiel afbeeldingJimmy5187
"MillyMax is a great artist, Very creative and does amazing work."
Profiel afbeeldingNitzanw
"Fantastic designer who was very responsive to all my feedback"
Profiel afbeeldingalewski23
"Great designs "
Profiel afbeeldingbditore
"I had an idea and MillyMax brung it to life for me. Thats true artistry."
Profiel afbeeldingMasterself28
"I am delighted with MillyMax's work. Great communication during the design process and was very helpful during the file handover. Highly Recommended!"
Profiel afbeeldingOptimisery
"I highly recommend Milly. My project wasn't easy requiring several revisions (my fault not hers) but she was always prompt, professional, and delivered a first-rate design."
Profiel afbeeldingbrookm70
"Simply AMAZING!!! Milly has been perfect from beginning to the end. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any design work ...apart from that I want to keep her all to myself! : ) Shhh, I need to try and keep her a secret!"
Profiel afbeeldingchentaichi
"Milly is a wonderful designer; it was a pleasure to work with her. In particular, she seemed to anticipate things we wanted but had not articulated. Her design was engaging, displaying an enthusiasm and energy that none of the others portrayed. We wou..."
Profiel afbeeldingmtechumd
"Milly Max is a very talented designer. She took direction well to get the perfect design for her client! She was a delight to work with and I highly recommend her!"
Profiel afbeeldinglramsey a