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Hello and thank you for paying a visit to my portfolio.

I'm a freelance graphic designer skilled in making original design like logos, mascots, characters, avatar, caricatures and etc..

if your interested to buy some of my designs, or I will make one for you, please don't hesitate to contact me! Thanks!

Lid sinds: 16 mei 2009
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"Amazing work!! "
Profiel afbeeldingcherisesphotography
"ZombiElvis is: 1.) Swift 2.) Efficient and 3.) Effective A visual interpretation guru. Would love to work with him again."
Profiel afbeeldingedgarallan6100
"Works fast and is a great designer!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Loved the design. I am extremely happy. What a great talent. The only challenge we had was that the designer retracted the different versions of the design that were created during the design process before the design was finalized. This made comparis..."
Profiel afbeeldingjontrask
"Fantastic design. Accomplished the goal of creating a logo that captured the essence of the product with appropriate age, gender, and overall feeling we were looking for."
Profiel afbeeldingmburkeT
"WOW!!! Every request we asked for was completed extremely fast! The best communication from start until completion. Very friendly to work with! We are VERY happy with the results. We will be using this designer again on future projects. THANK YOU!"
Profiel afbeeldingdesmondmactavish
"Amazing designer and very friendly to work with! Very happy with the results. Thank you very much :)"
Profiel afbeeldingrobertwedler
"The experience was great! ZombiElvis did everything we asked for and provided the design we wanted."
Profiel afbeeldingkimV2
"I cannot say enough about how FANTASTIC ZombiElvis was when it came to his creativity, talent and patience. Our expectations were greatly exceeded. Thank you for a WONDERFUL logo!"
Profiel afbeeldingnorton360
"Awesome job! People are loving my logo!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Brilliant cartoonist and a very easy and patient designer to work with. Very happy with my end product. Would highly recommend!"
Profiel afbeeldingzuhayb.ahmed
"ZE submitted a top-notch design out of the gate. ZE was very responsive and turned around my tweaks very quickly. I'd definitely recommend ZE to anyone!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Awesome designer. Fantastic experience. Always in touch, always willing to make tweaks."
Profiel afbeeldingGrdDog
"Excellent design. Excellent response. I really liked working with ZombiElvis."
Profiel afbeeldingtheresa 4
"My Experience with ZombieElvis was a very easy and he was quite helpful throughout the entire process. His designs fit the brief and he made all of the adjustments I requested quickly and without and problems. His communication was also excellent ..."
Profiel afbeeldingdave kd
"ZombiElvis has done a great job he listens to you and is very easy to work with.We would recommend you invite him to your contest.Thanks again ZE "
Profiel afbeeldingWesterncarpet
"Thanks for a great experience! Super designs and very professional to work with!"
Profiel afbeeldingBching
"Great work!"
Profiel afbeeldingStephenson.travis