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Monument Homes
Monument Homes
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Create a smart, elegant and luxury logo for Luxury Abaya Line !!
Craft a luxury design for Grail Watches
Icon for the Ninjawords iPhone app
Ecommerce Blog Logo
Powerful Logo – Beyond Integrated Marketing Group
QUICK - Architecture and New Tech Group needs a LOGO
 Help create a chAMAZING logo for: Avana Chameleon !!
GUARANTEED AND BLIND!! Create the next logo for bnooki.com a banking products comparison website


♦ Design Enthusiasm:
♠ Simple
♠ Clean Cut
♠ Meaningful

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"Great effort went into the thought and execution of the right logo. Original approach and well considered. Very Responsive. Thanks!!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever bijna 6 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"adsamaya is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend. His thinking is outside the box. He will definitely design for you that creative piece that you are looking for. Also, I ran into a major time hiccup on my end and there was no pressure put o..."
Profiel afbeeldingVisionjohn_9 bijna 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Adsamaya makes clean, professional designs, and is very patient and attentive to the contest holder. I plan on working with adsamaya on any future designs that may be needed! Thanks!"
Profiel afbeeldingBren meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Great Job by Adsamaya! Very responsive and professional! We will surely be dealing with him in the future!"
Profiel afbeeldingEBJ meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Adsamaya is a great and talented designer by all means. I can go on and on but thought I'd keep it short and sweet"
Profiel afbeeldingAbdulaziz.alshirian meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Greetings, Very great design. Open to changes. Not "Fussy", "Snobbish" like most designers. Friendly and Open personality , really great"
Profiel afbeeldingDavid.nobleteam meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"efficient, creative , a great designer to work with! highly recommended !"
Profiel afbeeldingTIMELESS U meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Adsamaya is one of the best designers, so talented she created a logo that was ideal and matching to what i have on mind. "
Profiel afbeeldingTaif meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld