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"Amazing work! Executed the cover perfectly, I can't wait for the book launch! Thank you!"
ProfielfotoauthorverafoxR 5 dagen geleden beoordeeld
"Absolutely amazing. Alerim is able to see my vision and perfectly execute my book cover. In the process of having my entire series revamped and each cover I am just more stunned how beautiful it is! Thank you!"
ProfielfotoauthorverafoxR 17 dagen geleden beoordeeld
"Always so wonderful. Many thanks and will definitely be returning! "
Profielfotojessicabfry 22 dagen geleden beoordeeld
"Absolutely love working with her. She is so good at this and always so kind and willing to listen."
Profielfotojessicabfry 27 dagen geleden beoordeeld
"Wonderful job as always! "
ProfielfotoLeia Stone ongeveer een maand geleden beoordeeld