Smart logo combining Raccoon and Recycling
Logo for a Pet Product
Magazine illustration about David and Goliath
SunRise Dental New Logo
Smart logo for 80 Baboons Day Bar
A logo for Rub a Bubba Infant Massage
A new logo for BILBY Loan Guard
Greek God Eros
Caricature of Capt. Bob & Kelly Davies
Book Cover Design for Gerry Gaffney
Tree-hugging Bear Logo
A unique logo for a French business


Graphic is my life. I love smart and playful designs, and I'll do my best to give my all if my designs can connect with you. I love to learn, that's why I'm not limiting myself in one skill.

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"Nice and Professional! We love his creative design of our logo. After we selected Reddion as a winner, he still helped and followed up our requests to modify the logo. Highly Recommended!"
Profiel afbeeldingBubbleme meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"I really appreciated the work that Reddion did on this project. There were competing design directions from a few designers, and Reddion was able to identify the general direction that I found most promising, and modify the designs accordingly. Hando..."
Profiel afbeeldingGerry2 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Reddion made a great logo for Haas Garage Door. I am very happy with the results. Thank you!"
Profiel afbeeldingAndyboren meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"You sir, are amazing! You took our idea and made something everyone on our team loved! thanks much "
Profiel afbeeldingKristin7076 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"This has by far been the best design experience we have ever had! This designer was everything he promised and more. Thank you so much!"
Profiel afbeeldingKelly910772 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld