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"Amazing as usual!"
Profiel afbeeldingNEOSKIN 4 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie brought a fresh idea and execution to this process. Our brief was quite directed in its desired outcome, but Suzie showed us designs that expanded our thinking which is exactly what is needed in rebranding. We have ended up with something exciting..."
Profiel afbeeldingT3S 4 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Great communication and insight into our needs for a fresh looking design logo with font. Highly recommended "
Profiel afbeeldingAccountHu 4 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Loved the design. Suzie was very patient and kind."
Profiel afbeeldingabhinav.srev 5 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie is amazing, thanks for everything!"
Profiel afbeeldingNEOSKIN 5 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Amazing work. Was very patient and tendered to my requests. Would definitely recommend and will come back for more work."
Profiel afbeeldingNEOSKIN 7 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Thank you! Looking forward to working with you again."
Profiel afbeeldingsuzie heeft 7 maanden geleden gereageerd
"This design highlights everything we stand for in the Tech Hub. I really like the versatility it is going to give us and helps us build our brand."
Profiel afbeeldingkpattonC 10 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Wonderful to work with and understood my vision even before I understood it!"
Profiel afbeeldingMilliop 10 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie's design was well thought out from the start and evolved into our ideal logo. We appreciated the visual explanations of the thinking behind the designs."
Profiel afbeeldingbtaylorf bijna 3 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Followed the guidelines perfectly."
Profiel afbeeldingleventesxm meer dan 3 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie created a unique design according to what was important to us in our creative brief. She was flexible with creating different versions and put together a comprehensive brand guide which will be very useful moving forward with our new brand."
Profiel afbeeldingmcorkery meer dan 3 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie was fantastic and created an amazing logo we were delighted with. Well done ! and thanks 99 Designs. Brad H Syd, Australia"
Profiel afbeeldingBrad7114 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie Created a GREAT logo for our company and out of over 250 submissions, she was a pleasure to work with!!!"
Profiel afbeeldingDavidLachs meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie stood by my side and made sure the logo used was ideal. She is very creative and a pleasure to work with."
Profiel afbeeldingProblemsolver631 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"I must say Suzie has been superb in providing me various different options and once accepted still was prepared to send me a completed icon for my Facebook/Twitter page. Many thanks Suzie, we will back back for more when needed and you will come highly ..."
Profiel afbeeldingDavid.board meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie obviously took the time to read and understand what our company wanted for a logo. The turnaround was quick and the results better than we anticipated. The level of quality was apparent and made our choice easy."
Profiel afbeeldingDmoconnell meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"The design hit all the required elements that we were looking for and gives a clean and simple design that resonates with our message. Great Job!"
Profiel afbeeldingFull Circle meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie did a beautiful job! Her creativity is stellar and her ability to convey what I envisioned was astonishing! Well done!!"
Profiel afbeeldingGodwinapparel meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie was great! Awesome design that was exactly what I looked for. Responded to comments and was quick with edits."
Profiel afbeeldingDrtran meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Great design. Bold and stunning. Suzie was great to work with. "
Profiel afbeeldingDwongwilliamson meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"We got a lot of designs but Suzie's was clearly the most innovative and the one that took the most creative approach while adhering to our guidelines."
Profiel afbeeldingAdiesburgdds meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"I really appreciated the reactivness, creativity and the quality of the designs proposed by Suzie. A pleasure having her working on our logo contest!"
Profiel afbeeldingGendrot meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"suzie has a real talent for design. we wanted a minimalistic corporate image, and she listened to our feedback and altered the design accordingly. great website too."
Profiel afbeeldingChrisHG meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie's efforts were the best of a very creative group of designers. We loved the simplicity yet professional nature of her designs."
Profiel afbeeldingGreg197588 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie did a fantastic job on my logo!! very professional. :)"
Profiel afbeeldingFreeflowreno meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie's designs were one level above all others. But the thing that really stood out was the quality of service: we got above and beyond everything we needed. Thank you Suzie."
Profiel afbeeldingNklier.imba2012 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie did an excellent job and gave me exactly what I wanted but with a designer's eye. When I picked Suzie as the winner, I decided to change a couple of things including my company name. Suzie made all the proofs and changes and gave me the finishe..."
Profiel afbeeldingGenX Senior Services meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"I was really pleased with Suzie's great work and efficiency. I highly recommend her. Thank you very much for your work and wish you all the best. Hope to work again with you in the future. "
Profiel afbeeldingMarketing854 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Suzie did a great job and was prompt with our requests for changes. Very creative."
Profiel afbeeldingCraig99 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Very good designer and patience is everything when it comes to a good designer!!! thank you susie"
Profiel afbeeldingJavier170713 meer dan 7 jaar geleden beoordeeld