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Land: Frankrijk. Lid sinds: 17 mei 2014
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"He was insanely quick, but still brought in a lot of quality! Easy to work with, made multiple concepts on his own, multiple revisions without issues. That couldn't have been any better! I will work with him again!"
Profiel afbeeldinggruppalexander
"Rafido worked with me all the way. He had good ideas to start with and then did a good job taking my suggestions and improving on the design. I appreciate his quality and care."
Profiel afbeeldingj.norman92
"Great job as always. Really appreciate Rafido's skillset and service."
Profiel afbeeldingjerryholliday
"I love the design and the designer was very helpful and willing to make adjustments. "
Profiel afbeeldinglanaFO
"This is my 10th cover with Rafido. Need I say more? I love him!"
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"Exactly what I needed"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Rafido's design made an impact on us right away. He did a great job bringing our vision to life. We were pleased with his quick response times and willingness to make adjustments. We are very happy with the outcome!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Awesome design, I exactly what I was looking for."
Profiel afbeeldinginfoalj
"Innovative designer and great collaborator."
Profiel afbeeldingmfthomas3
"Excellent work!"
Profiel afbeeldingHarley Austin
"Super awesome, Rafido. Love working with you on these projects!"
Profiel afbeeldingHarley Austin
"I love Rafido's art, and I love working with him. This is my...9th cover with him? "
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"Great and efficient job, as usual !"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"Rafido is a superb cover artist. I love working with him! We have more covers to do soon!"
Profiel afbeeldingHarley Austin
"This is my second project with Rafido. Like before, he works quickly and responds promptly to feedback and revision requests. In addition, he produces high-quality art while displaying admirable flexibility in his style and color usage. "
Profiel afbeeldingabernathyenterprise
"Great work. Thank you"
Profiel afbeeldingPhaseSpace
"Rafido was a delight as always. I never hesitate to hit the Approve button. Because if there is an issue, he can solve it. No worries, ever. I especially appreciated how this cover was the fastest we've ever done - and I love it!"
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"It was great working with Rafido! Very responsive and always understood what I meant, even if my explanation probably could have been better! Also all the small changes were no problem! In the end, I am super happy he took part in my contest and I love ..."
Profiel afbeeldingdelia_author
"Great work. Good communication."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Ottimo servizio grande artista"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Rafido was a great designer to work with. He is quick in his responses to feedback and works just as fast. I would recommend him to others and will likely be working with him in the future."
Profiel afbeeldingabernathyenterprise
"Great work! We plan to use him again."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Excellent to work with. Followed design requests well. "
Profiel afbeeldingHarley Austin
"Rafido was very easy to work with, responsive, and quick to make edits! "
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"I love working with Rafido. This is my 8th book cover with him, because I continue to be delighted."
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"Quick design work that was pitch perfect for my project."
Profiel afbeeldingKent / Linden Pub
"Rafido is a great designer with very good ideas. He answers fast and knows how to create a good book cover."
Profiel afbeeldingsebastian.dobitsch
"Very talented designer and a pleasure to work with."
Profiel afbeeldingturnermatthew94
"I love Rafido. An absolute delight to work with."
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"Fantastic experience - great original design and then refined it with me to perfection. Helpful, fast, amenable!"
Profiel afbeeldingandy.benfield
"Once again, Rafido provided excellent work and high quality. Always a pleasure, my friend."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Rafido was exceptionally professional and easy to work with. He understood my concept, provided useful feedback, and made adjustments readily and without hesitation. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking either logo or illustration designs an..."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Good and fast work :-)"
Profiel afbeeldingzVl
"Great design, and he was very responsive to questions and comments. "
Profiel afbeeldingJdonahue
"Great fast and effective ! Thanks"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"great work, very efficient, as usual !!!"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"Rafido is a talented designer who goes the extra mile for us every time. Highly recommended."
Profiel afbeeldingjerryholliday
"Rafido was great "
Profiel afbeeldingDougwx
"Great job, very efficient and fast, thanks !"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"This is my 5th cover with Rafido. Because he is a delight to work with."
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"Excellent work as usual"
Profiel afbeeldingkflex4life
"Again, great work."
Profiel afbeeldingPhaseSpace
"It was a pleasure working with Rafido! Every change I asked for he did immediately. Thank you!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"This designer has presented some very good designs in timely manner and has been very patient and professional. I would absolutely work with this designer again. Recommended."
Profiel afbeeldingstouyert
"Rafido was easy to work with and listened to what I wanted and needed. "
Profiel afbeeldingjalissner
"Great work, fast and efficient !"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"I adore working with Rafido. This was my 4th book cover with him. His work is beautiful, he's open to changes, solves any problems - just a pleasure to work with."
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"Solid designer, great service! Highly recommend."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Rafido did an excellent job with this design, delivered exactly what I asked for, and was incredibly timely with responses and revisions."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Rafido was great to work with! Designed a beautiful poster and turned around changes quickly. :)"
Profiel afbeeldingLdonato32
"Great work, very efficient, precise and fast ! Thank you"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"Excellent work as usual!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Rafido's book cover design for my second novel greatly impressed both myself and 49 people I polled. He successfully captured what I described in my brief that I was hoping to see from the competing graphic artists. After he won my contest, Rafido also ..."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Loved the work, thank you! And the designer is very easy to work with, we'll surely work again."
Profiel afbeeldingCristina.preda
"Rafido has an excellent sense of drama and mood. He is extremely responsive offering more choices taan asked for. I am really impressed."
Profiel afbeeldingjacobsm993
"Easy to work with. Great design and able to follow directions to for updates."
Profiel afbeeldingjalissner
"This is my third cover from Rafido. I am delighted again. He nailed the mood and scene for this cover on the first try. Only a few fidgets, and done. Beautiful work!"
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"Rafido designed many versions of a beautiful movie poster. He's very accommodating and easy to work with, thank you Rafido!"
Profiel afbeeldingdina4L
"great work, very fast and effective !"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"great job, fast and efficient !"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL TO WORK WITH! We loved working with Rafido. He is a true professional and we are thrilled with his work! Thank you for a wonderful job and the most excellent communication and turnaround time we could ever have hoped for. Would lov..."
Profiel afbeeldingtttohme
"Tutto molto bene, ho ricevuto proposte anche molto diverse tra loro, così da offrirmi la possibilità di maggiore scelta. Comunicazione ottima, molto reattivo e disponibile a fare modifiche successive."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"This is my second time hiring Rafido. I'm delighted with his artwork again - and he is a real pleasure to work with."
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"Great Job ! very creative and detailed. Thank you"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"Thanks for these great designs! I love the direction you took in melding the city skyline and landscape. Plus, the integration of the people at the top was really cool. Thank you!"
Profiel afbeeldingtanderson865
"Great work. Thank You"
Profiel afbeeldingPhaseSpace
"Absolutely fantastic designer. Artwork is superb. Great communications. Perfection!"
Profiel afbeeldingamrobinson678
"Great job, great understanding and responsiveness !"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"Attention to detail, went above and beyond to get all the information from our website. Amazing work!"
Profiel afbeeldingLsimon
"Extremely pleased with Rafido's skill and professionalism and with the high quality of his work. Because this book as controversial content, many designs had to be rejected because the source of stock images would not allow their use in such a work. Des..."
Profiel afbeeldingbucklaramie
"Raphael is talented and incredibly responsive. A consummate professionial. I had no reservations asking for a second project."
Profiel afbeeldingmichael.smith.profes
"Great job, very creative and fast paced turnaround !"
Profiel afbeeldingcarriereisabelle
"Great designer to work with. "
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Rafido did a tremendous job with my artwork. He was attentive to my notes and worked on my project with great care. Wonderful design...Thank you!!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Top-notch designer, both in skill and professionalism. Will be my go-to for all future projects. "
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Awesome work, great communication."
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Raphel created the PERFECT cover for my novel. There were a number of incredible designs that I had to choose from, but his stood head and shoulders above the rest. With any luck, I will be able to use him again for all future covers. Great experience. A+"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Radios was very attentive to design changes and came up with a fantastic design after many change requests on my part. "
Profiel afbeeldingS.M. Harkness
"Rafido won a design contest for Feral Recruit, book 5 in my post-apocalyptic Calm Act Series. I was deeply impressed with his creativity, and the layering in of effects - an image that conveys a strong simple message, yet also rewards looking closer, wi..."
Profiel afbeeldingindoorSalad
"Excellent designer that answered our requests very well and was very reactive. Very professional. I highly recommend to work with him !"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Great work. Thank you so much"
Profiel afbeeldingPhaseSpace
"Fantastic! The responsiveness and professionalism displayed made my first foray into self-publication so much easier!"
Profiel afbeeldingmichael.smith.profes
"It was great. I loved the very first designed it only got better from there."
Profiel afbeeldingjbendoski
"Rafido did an amazing job on the contest for my albumartwork :) Im so happy with the design :) He´s very creative and a very pleasant person to work with. His very first design he showed me was almost perfect, he was very responsive to requests for c..."
Profiel afbeeldingmusic.dani
"Personne à l'écoute, très attentive, disponible et efficace! Je recommande! Un grand merci "
Profiel afbeeldingemmanuelbolivard
"It has been a pleasure to work with Raphael on my book cover. The quality of the work is exceptional, and I am delighted with the final design. Throughout the process he has been very responsive to change requests and this is delivered a final result th..."
Profiel afbeeldingGeeLDavis
"Rafido was awesome. The very first cover submitted in my contest popped right out of the screen and I had little doubt during the rest of the contest that it was top 3. But when we reached the end and Rafido did all the little tweaks I requested, there ..."
Profiel afbeeldingric.beard
"Rafido created outstanding covers for my coming sci-fi trilogy. His cover art concepts and final works reflected each book's story in a subtle manner, highlighting nuances missed by other artists."
Profiel afbeeldingdeanmcole
"Rafido is an excellent designer who was chosen as the winner of my rock album contest. He is very accommodating and easy to work with. I highly recommend him for your next project!"
Profiel afbeeldingdifferentmoon
"Outstanding designer. Very responsive and workable. He has my highest recommendation. Rafido made this experience very rewarding. "
Profiel afbeeldingernie.lee
"The designer hit the nail on the head immediately he read the brief and understood exactly what I wanted. The cover was exactly what I was after from the first instance. Kind Regards Michelle"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Excellent Design and Creativity - worked well to the brief and understood any changes we requested on subsequent submission, a pleasure to deal with and I would definitely work with Rafido again. I highly recommend him to anyone!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever
"Rafido is the greatest experience I've ever had. I have had many projects involving graphic artwork in the past but I truly can say, this is by far the best yet. He was very professional and efficient ever step of the way....very easy to work with!"
Profiel afbeeldingTruelovej13
"Wonderful experience. He was responsive and considered my points of view. Would definitely work with again."
Profiel afbeeldingwcoble