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Scifi book cover for Forever Ahead, a transhumanist novel


Self thought Freelance Graphic Designer with over 25 years experience in print and digital design. I pride myself of thinking out of the box and going the extra mile.

With vast experience in photography (40 years), filming, print design I've recently found a new challange, product design which has my focus at the moment.

I am a fair believer that "if you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life" so I consider myself to be lucky in this area.

Lid sinds: 18 februari 2010


"Danc is exceptionally creative, producing numerous unique and usable designs based on the brief provided. One was more beautiful than the next. In particular his work with ink and watercolour effect is outstanding, creating an artist's hand brushed effe..."
Profiel afbeeldingPhilosopherFoxFilms ongeveer een maand geleden beoordeeld
"Hi. First of all, thank you for giving me the chance to work on this project, although I don't know if you will ever use it :)! The DVD cover has a different format, and the contest is limited to working on a single drawing, so it should be paid separately. If you are still interested, send an offer, the changes and the exact size. I remind you that I tried to suggest that one of the competitors you can co-opt him in a possible collaboration and because it would be an extra job you have to resort to a working system through "99design" called "1-to-1 Projects ", find information at the bottom of the page of this site. I hope I made myself understood and I wish you success in the future. Respectfully, Dan"
Profiel afbeeldingdanc heeft ongeveer een maand geleden gereageerd
"great design, thank you! "
Profiel afbeeldingksakaih 10 maanden geleden beoordeeld
"Creative work and timely responses"
Profiel afbeeldingnikianthony ongeveer 2 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Creative, thoughtful design. Responds quickly to questions and requested changes."
Profiel afbeeldingnikianthony ongeveer 2 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"It was great working with danc, he was very responsive to our suggestions and we are very pleased with his design"
Profiel afbeeldingeverythinghertzpodcast meer dan 2 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"danc was exactly the designer I was hoping for my project. He was right on task quickly and delivered exactly what I asked for. Would definitely use him again for a book cover."
Profiel afbeeldingalex Rr ongeveer 3 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Una vez más estamos muy contentos con el gran trabajo realizado por Dan. Siempre es grato trabajar con personas que te entiendan y reflejen lo que necesitas. Volveremos a contar con Dan en futuras ocasiones Muchas gracias Dan por tu buen hacer. Juan"
Profiel afbeeldingjsanchezz ongeveer 3 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Hola, Siempre es un placer trabajar con Dan. Aporta buenas ideas y diseños lo que hace muy fácil realizar proyectos juntos. Juan S"
Profiel afbeeldingjsanchezz meer dan 3 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Ha sido un acierto trabajar con Dan. Ha entendido lo que necesitábamos y nos a aportado soluciones."
Profiel afbeeldingjsanchezz meer dan 3 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Una gran experiencia, muchas gracias a todos y esperamos vernos pronto. Saludos"
Profiel afbeeldingjsanchezz meer dan 3 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Appreciated Dan's patience. I haven't done one of these contests before. He did a great job from beginning to end! Best, Brian"
Profiel afbeeldingbrianIB bijna 4 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Great design once again, the third time we have worked together - thanks very much!"
Profiel afbeeldingmickeymayhew meer dan 4 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Excellent and timely"
Profiel afbeeldingscott_s meer dan 4 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"great designer will work with him in the future"
Anonieme opdrachtgever bijna 5 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"A very creative designer, his work was excellent and unlike the other designers I worked with."
Profiel afbeeldingevanoT ongeveer 5 jaar geleden beoordeeld
" Dan is the Man."
Profiel afbeeldingDaryl Willmore ongeveer 5 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"He is perfect!! Creativity, High Quority, Speedy. I want to work with him again."
Profiel afbeeldingban.fukyo meer dan 5 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"It's the response is very quick and that the proposal authority is so rich that I worked with him and felt this time. thank you Dan!"
Anonieme opdrachtgever meer dan 5 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Great job from a great Designer"
Profiel afbeeldingfocus.ls212 bijna 6 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Der Designer Dan Cruceanu entwarf das Buchcover zu meinem Krimi und Enthüllungsroman "Scrittura Segreta" und gewann den Wettbewerb verdient. Er verstand es, die wesentlichen Elemente des Romans im Cover zu vereinen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden sowohl mit der..."
Profiel afbeeldinginfo Hsr meer dan 6 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"I had wonderful working experience with danc. First of all, his initial design was fresh and surprising. He was also very diligent about taking feedback and integrating my notes into new designs. He was also very quick to respond with new work and a var..."
Profiel afbeeldingmattyshapiro meer dan 6 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Working with Dan was a great experience. He was very responsive and willing to provide updates and changes as I worked through the project. Upon finishing we worked out an additional project which was a continuation of the original contest. Dan was v..."
Profiel afbeeldingmmckinney 0 meer dan 6 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"Great experience. Danc made all the changes I needed and came up with a very original concept."
Profiel afbeeldingJulieAnneGhostwriter meer dan 6 jaar geleden beoordeeld
"I like my book thank to danc He has done everything to satisfy me Martine Robillard teacher from Canada"
Profiel afbeeldingSeptum67 meer dan 6 jaar geleden beoordeeld