Luxury Logo for London Nightlife Awards
BrandwoodCKC - color version
Logo for Coble Holdings
Ron Jones
Logo for Marine Industry Holding Company
Logo design for Onaware
Law firm logo
Handmade artisan products made from copper
Logo for indoor growing equipment
Classic design with the AB monogram  in the center.
Concept Car Logo Design: Archer FX520
Design a business card for Event Managers, JRG Solutions


"Easy to work with, thorough, and all around a good experience. Thank you!"
Profielfotoadivinehealing 11 dagen geleden beoordeeld
"We're thrilled to commend maestro_medak, who excelled in creating two winning logos for our contests. maestro_medak not only won both competitions but also impressed us with his availability, friendliness, and unwavering dedication throughout both proje..."
ProfielfotoPhil Thomas 25 dagen geleden beoordeeld
"Great availability and full commitment to the projects. It was truly a pleasure to work with maestro_medak! Thanks!!"
ProfielfotoPhil Thomas 27 dagen geleden beoordeeld
"Maestro Medak is great to work with, quick to solve requests, and the end product is clean and exactly what we are looking for."
ProfielfotogregUE ongeveer een maand geleden beoordeeld
"Great collaboration, great communication, and even better end product. Thank you Maestro Medak."
ProfielfotogregUE ongeveer een maand geleden beoordeeld